Try Upcycling: it’s trendy, fun and creative

With darker weather upon us, it might be time to brighten up your home with a spot of upcycling.

For those who are not familiar with upcycling, this is the process of taking something relatively unused or worn and transforming it into a product which often has a higher quality or value.

When we think of upcycling we commonly think of reupholstering an unused chair or even sanding and painting an old dressing unit. However, this can be a little daunting for those who are just starting out, so we have compiled a few ideas which allow you to upcycle on a smaller scale.

With an increase in retro designs across our high street, a clever bit of upcycling will help you to get in on the action, but at a fraction of the cost. Take a look around your home and garden, do you have any discarded wooden crates or old tools to use as potential shelves and an old toy box to use as a new shoe box?

…All that is needed is a quick clean and a lick of paint.

A fabulous chic idea is a new serving tray: instead of a standard plastic impersonal tray, why not add a touch of elegance by using an old photo frame showcasing a fantastic memory. This makes the perfect setting for a luxury high tea with fine bone china teacups. This gives users the options to insert their own backdrop, should that be fabric, wallpaper or even a collage of family photographs. The central glass/plastic panel provides an easy wipe clean surface for any spillages.

Do you have an old ladder that’s taking up space in your shed? When hung horizontally on a wall, they make a lovely bookshelf. Be careful when attaching this to the wall though, as it will need to be secure to avoid any falling books.

Tyres make fantastic garden planters too! They can be painted in any colour or left untouched. They hold the water and look great if there are a few positioned close together.

Forks provide an ideal choice for interesting coat hooks. Simply use a hammer to flatten the fork then take some pliers to individually bend the prongs. All’s that is left is to bend the handle up to create a hook and affix securely to the wall.

Add a truly vintage touch to your kitchen with a wonderful wine glass holder. This is so simple to create but is very effective. Detach the handle from the rake and screw the head onto the wall. Be sure to use anchors for added stability. Your wine glass stems will sit perfectly between the prongs and look simply elegant.

Whilst many of us routinely have a tidy up after summer to make way for the changing of the seasons – we find ourselves throwing away a number of items and buying new for old. A lot of the time we can ‘upcycle’ the existing pieces and transform into a new lease of life. Not only does this mean you can engage in a fun activity, it also means that you can save a considerable amount of money.

We would love to hear your thoughts and any ideas for future upcycling blog

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