Rural vs Town living

When you’re buying a house it is important to recognise which kind of location you prefer, country living or suburban life? Buying a great house in the wrong location is a compromise that can’t be fixed with a lick of paint!

We have provided some hints and tips to help you determine which location suits you best.


Reasons to live in the countryside

The views

If you love rolling hills and luscious green fields then the scenery of rural living is a ‘must have’ when considering the location of a property. For many people the view from a house can make or break a sale, waking up to beautiful English countryside could be the perfect way to start your day.


The countryside

The countryside is full of public footpaths and rural walks, scattered in between local pubs and idyllic villages. It’s a great opportunity for the whole family to enjoy the fresh air with pets in tow. If getting back to nature sounds appealing, the space and surroundings of a rural lifestyle could be for you.


The character

In many old rural properties you can’t miss the low hanging beams and crooked staircases, these period features add character and charm to a property. If you appreciate the quirkiness of an old country cottage or a quaint rural village, a move to the countryside might have more to offer you.


The people

There are strong rural communities in villages across the UK but inevitably, the countryside has considerably fewer people than many towns and cities. If you prefer to be amongst the wildlife rather than the nightlife you might feel more at home in the countryside.


The peace and quiet

The tranquil setting of the countryside can be a great escape from the busy 9-5. The commute from work could be the perfect opportunity to destress and leave behind noisy roadworks, motorways and traffic jams. But bear in mind, popping out for a pint of milk or getting a takeaway isn’t as easy in a rural environment.


Reasons to live in a town

The convenience

Living in the heart of a busy town most amenities are a short walk away. The convenience of 24 hour shops, petrol stations, public transport and nightlife on your doorstep are fantastic benefits of town living.


The People

Living in a town can make it easier to keep in touch with friends, socialise and meet new people that are right around the corner. If you enjoy the company of others, town living might be the perfect setting for your social life.


The buzz

If you enjoy being right in the heart of a lively community, with thriving high streets and social networks, town living may provide the best environment for you.


The variety

Town living provides access to a variety of restaurants, shops, bars, cinemas and even work. If you love the choice, variety and convenience of a high street then town living may offer the best variety for you.



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