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New property checklist!

Moving house can be a stressful time, but there are some essential things that need to be done before you put your feet up! Knowing the location of your stopcock and what to do with your TV licence could save you time and money in the long run.

We’ve created a quick and easy checklist that will put your mind at ease and allow you to settle into your new surroundings in no time.


New property checklist:


One of the first challenges you’ll face is using a variety of different appliances in your new home. Test run every appliance from the washing machine to the oven to make sure there are no nasty surprises!


Bin day

You’ll have so much rubbish from your big move that you won’t want to miss your first bin collection. Go online to your local government website to find the full timetable for your area.


Gas and electricity meters

It’s an easy thing to forget, but remember to check where your gas and electricity meters are located in the house and take a meter reading on the first day in your property. This can help keep a track of how much gas and electricity you’re using and save time when the meter readings are due!


Home Insurance

Whilst you’re in the midst of moving, the last thing on your mind might be ensuring the insurance is up to date and valid. Make sure your insurance policy covers you from the day you move in!



It’s always a good idea to change the locks when you move to a new property, you never know how many people have been given a spare key. The initial cost might put you off, but the peace of mind is worth every penny.



The stopcock shuts off the water to your property, so before any impromptu DIY takes place, it’s a good idea to find the stopcock and avoid disaster.



Find out the providers of your energy, broadband and water supplies so you know what to expect when the bills start to arrive. Your solicitor would normally ask for this information on the pre-contract enquiries prior to completion, so it’s worth double checking.


Tell everyone

Don’t just tell friends and family of your new address, remember your doctor and dentist! It’s equally important that you change the address on your driving licence and council tax, forgetting these can land you with a large fine of up to £1000!



Once moving day is over, you may start to feel a chill in the air. To avoid cold feet, find the thermostat and set it to the temperature that suits you best.


TV licence

Your TV licence doesn’t move with you! Make sure that you purchase another TV licence for your new property so you can start watching the programmes you love and avoid a fine!



How to add value to your home

A house is one of the most expensive items we buy, so where possible, we usually aim to increase its value while transforming it into the place we call home.


If you are looking to sell your property or just considering adding value to the home you love, here are some helpful hints and tips to help get you on the right track:


Loft conversion

A loft conversion can be a great way to add a bedroom, study or bathroom without a huge amount of disruption and doesn’t alter the footprint of the building. The added space will also appeal to potential buyers.



More and more home owners are choosing to extend their homes rather than move out of them. If you love your house, but just need that extra bit of room, an extension is another great way to add space relatively quickly and add value for when you’re ready to sell.



Opting for a new colour scheme or feature wall can completely transform a tired room. A lick of paint can really freshen the place up to create a clean, fresh environment – good for your wellbeing and more inviting to buyers.


Central heating

Condensing boilers and other heating controls now mean that central heating needn’t be too expensive, it could be a cosy investment.


Improve your outside space

The first thing potential buyers see is the space surrounding your property, and there’s only one chance to make a first impression!


Focus on the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and it’s always important to buyers. If you can’t redesign your kitchen, a lick of paint or new cupboard doors can save time and money and still be effective.


Adding a conservatory

Adding more room to your living space can be a great idea, making the conservatory part of your open plan living area can create a sense of space and light, which is always good. This could be a cheaper option to consider rather than an extension and planning permission is not always required.


New bathroom

The bathroom can be really important to potential buyers, having a clean fresh space can really make a difference. A clean, fairly new bathroom suite can really appeal, especially a gleaming white suite.


Going green

Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important to buyers. Small changes can help, such as using water-based paint when redecorating, taking advantage of government schemes to insulate your loft and wall cavities, keeping your boiler serviced and using draft excluders for doors and windows. Whilst this appeals to buyers, your bills will also be reduced.



Having fairly new, properly sealed windows can put a buyers mind at ease, knowing it’s not an issue they will be left to deal with. Not only can dilapidated windows let in the weather, they can put buyers off from a first glance at your property.

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