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The tell-tale signs you might need to move!

We all become attached to our homes, which can make the decision to sell even tougher. Moving house can bring many benefits, from more space for a growing family to better job opportunities in the local area.

Are you on the brink of a move? Here are some tell-tale signs that could suggest you’re ready to make a move.



Is your house becoming a money pit? If the answer is yes, it might be a good idea to downsize and free up some spare cash. A more affordable home can also bring priceless peace of mind.


The commute

There is nothing worse than enduring a long and stressful commute to work, if it’s becoming a real problem, the answer could be simple, cut the commute and move closer to the office.



Are you about to retire? Downsizing and releasing money from your property could free up funds to spend on exotic holidays, adventurous hobbies and of course, the grandchildren.


Empty nest

Living in a large empty house that was once crammed full of family could signal a move. Downsizing to a small property can save you money on your fuel bills and is much easier to clean!


First time buyer

If you’re tired of renting or fed up of living with your parents, it could be the perfect time to take your first steps on to the property ladder.


Bursting at the seams

Have you out grown your home? You bought your house as a starter home, and vowed to spend a couple of years doing it up before you sold it on for a profit– ten years and three children later, your home is starting to feel a bit cramped. If you have the funds to upgrade, there is no time like the present!


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