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Top tips for creating the perfect outdoor space

As the weather starts to heat up, it’s a great time to prep your outdoor space. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or patio area, no matter how big or small, you can always create a space to enjoy, reflecting your personality and making a statement. In the spirit of summer we’re here with some handy hints and tips to help you make the most of your outdoor area.


Define your space

Consider how you want to spend your time outside – Cooking? Eating? Socialising with friends? Or playing with the children? You might just want to create a tranquil haven for wildlife. Deciding how to use your garden is the first step to designing your perfect summer space.



Summer nights stay lighter for longer, but it’s still nice to see what you’re eating when dining alfresco. Outdoor fairy lights, candles and hanging lanterns create a fantastic ambience while providing much needed light if the party continues after dark. There are numerous varieties of electrical or solar lights which can be hung from trees and pergolas, twisted through shrubs or draped around arches. Solar lamps can also be placed in flower beds or plant pots.



Sheltered areas underneath canopies or pergolas can block the gaze of curious neighbours whilst proving a reliable shelter from the unpredictable great British weather.



If leaving your guests to run back and check on the cooking sounds a familiar scenario, create a safe and convenient BBQ area in your garden – continue to enjoy the weather, while being the life and soul of the party and of course, head chef.


Comfortable seating

We all want to relax on comfy sofas and chairs in our homes and the garden is no exception. Trade in the broken deck chairs and treat yourself to some new outdoor furniture that everyone can enjoy.


Bright colours

Nothing signals the start of summer quite like a burst of colour. Adding bright, colourful flowers, cushions and plant pots can keep your outdoor space feeling fresh and vibrant, and offers a reasonably inexpensive quick fix.



A lick of paint can transform an old crumbling shed, fence or bench and bring your garden back to life. Keep it au naturel in cream or white or create a beach hut look with a vibrant pop of colour.



Intoxicating scents such as honeysuckle, rose, lavender, jasmine and sweet pea contribute to the summer sensation of the outdoors. When purchasing plants consider their appeal to the senses, making your garden even more inviting.


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