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How to utilise your spare room

Do you have a spare room that’s lying empty? Or full to the brim with clutter?

Whether you’re planning on selling your property or simply looking to indulge in a few new furnishings, there is no time like the present to make use of that extra space. You could embrace your hobbies and interior design dreams, go wild with the décor and unleash your creative side. Remember that whatever you choose could help potential buyers visualise the space and show them exactly what’s on offer when the time comes to sell.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas for you to try in your home:


Guest room

We’ve all had to give up our own bed when family members come to stay, so if space allows, turn your spare room into a cosy guest room, ready for unexpected visitors and family gatherings. This makes having visitors much easier to accommodate, but also ensures potential buyers can visualise another bedroom in your property.



Is your hobby starting to take over the house? Consider creating a room for music or arts and crafts, this keeps everything neat and tidy in one place and is great for grabbing five minutes me time!


Reading room

Consider tidying away those books that are starting to pile up around the house and create a comfy, cosy, tranquil space for you to curl up with your favourite novel. Remember to choose comfy seating and a selection of lights so you can read any time, day or night.


Play room

It’s no secret that children love toys, but if your lounge is starting to resemble a nursery, a playroom could be the perfect solution. This helps to keep the rest of your house tidy, and is a useful space if your children have friends around to play.



Whether you work from home or need time to revise, a designated work zone can help focus the mind. Find a good sized desk, a comfortable chair and ensure there is plenty of lighting to get the best out of your study time.


Something special

How about a space designed specifically with you in mind? Indulge in a walk-in wardrobe or rebalance your equilibrium with a yoga room. Whatever you decide to do with the extra space you don’t have to be practical, remember to create a room that you and your family will enjoy.


If you have recently transformed a spare room in your home let us know!

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